About Us

Keep Me Safe IDs are "Your Voice in an Emergency"TM.

Keep Me Safe IDs are private, secure, and effective protection in a time of emergency . As parents of a child affected by Autism, the creators of these unique QR Code IDs know all too well the anxiety of journeying outside the home.  Since its inception, areas outside of Autism have been using these innovative IDs; runners/joggers, nursing homes, emergency service providers, and more.

How it Works

Each QR Code ID has a unique QR code for reaching your designated web page, or SafeID Profile.  Via smartphone, tablet, or other QR code reader your SafeID Profile page is revealed with information of your choosing.  We have also engraved our toll free number and the SafeID Profile's URL so that anyone by a phone or near a computer can access the information you have provided.

Best of all, KeepMeSafeID QR Code Bracelets leverage QR Code technology enabling you to:

  • Retain privacy from casual onlookers
  • Include more info than any medical ID tag
  • Upload unlimited emergency and/or medical documents
  • Reveal as much or as little info as you see fit
  • Provide multiple contact info for retrieving your loved one ASAP
  • Receive Message Alerts when your SafeID Profile is viewed along with GPS location of where it was viewed
  • Provide vital medical info such as allergies
  • Allow you to revise information easily and repeatedly 24/7/365
  • Allow helpful adults with a smartphone to help your loved one in an emergency
  • Feel safer knowing you are doing everything you can do to protect your loved one
  • Gain peace of mind

GPS Location Message Alerts

Keep Me Safe QR Code IDs have a Message Alert system that will send the primary emergency contact an email and/or text alert whenever the SafeID Profile is viewed.  This alert will include the GPS location of where it was viewed as long as the viewer allows their position to be tracked.


Unlimited Document Uploads!

Our sophisticated system allows you to upload as many documents as you see fit in your SafeID Profile.  You can upload copies of your insurance cards, Lead EKGs, Advance Directives, DNR Orders, your child's IEP, Power of Attorney papers, and more.  No more reason to fumble around looking for those important documents in an emergency, put them in one place where they are available immediately.