Welcome to Keep Me Safe IDs, we're glad you found us!  Whether you're in need of a Child ID, Runner ID, Medical ID, or any other form of identification we have the best and most innovative IDs on the market--with NO MONTHLY OR ANNUAL FEES.

No longer do you have to settle for an ID that only allows you a few lines and characters AND leaves all of your personal information exposes for the world to see.  With our IDs you will be able to provide as much information as you see fit and keep your information private and away from the eyes of casual onlookers.

We also provide:

  • Message Alerts with GPS Location
  • Unlimited Document Uploads
  • Password Protection

What would you want to say if you or your loved one was in an emergency and unable to speak for themselves?  That is the information you can now prepare and provide to be ready when that time comes. Learn more >>