Our Story

We Wanted To Keep Our Child Safe And Help Other Families Like Us.

We have a child with Autism who wanders and we know firsthand the fear and trepidation that come with going out in the world. Our son would bolt into a crowd like a flash. Even if someone found him, they would not learn his name as our son's Autism causes him to have limited verbal skills. We'd be left panicked with no device or strategy that worked for us. So we decided to create one.

Our QR Code Bracelet and website are unlike anything in the marketplace. They were designed expressly for the special needs community. They allow families to maintain privacy and enhance safety simultaneously. And anyone with a smartphone can quickly end an emergency by contacting parents to retrieve their lost loved one.

A special feature of the SafeID Profile is that you can include as much or as little info as you like. It's much more comprehensive than a traditional Medical ID.  Not only can up type in the information you choose to share in the provided fields, but you can also upload as many documents as you feel would be nice to have at your fingertips--in any scenario.

Since we've shared Keep Me Safe IDs with the world we have found many other uses for our product and service; runners, joggers, bicyclists, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, adults and children with special needs or other medical issues, Alzheimer's, dementia, family vacations, summer camp, and so much more.

We hope KeepMeSafeID.com is helpful to you and welcome you to be a part of our story. We look forward to many more years of adding to our story and being a part of yours.